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Day 5: Sign, Seal, Deliver!


Last week I needed to take a much needed “summer break week.”  I had just come off from teaching for the year and had an old friend pass away.  I felt extremely burnt out and needed time to heal.  

Now that I’m back, I’m ready to keep going with the 15 Day Writing Challenge.  

In this challenge, Jeff asked us to basically stop procrastinating and stop waiting for perfect.  We were to find something, ANYTHING, and send it off somewhere.

I decided that the perfect place for me to send something that I had put my heart into would be a poetry contest.  We are on the brink of the summer solstice which is the perfect time to share this particular poem.  


This particular contest is funded by the World Poetry Movement.  They have given out more than $250,000 worth of funds over the past 15 years to undiscovered poets.  The more people that read and share your poem, the more likely you are to win!  

So, please read my poem Midsummer: Clarity in a Fairy’s Tincture and share your poems as well.  Would love to support you if you enter the contest!  Share your links to your poems below ! xoxo Good luck!


Author: lilium110

writer. teacher. water lily.

4 thoughts on “Day 5: Sign, Seal, Deliver!

  1. Awesome!! Good luck!! (And his name is Jeff 😉 ) I’m glad to know I’m not the only one playing catch up with these challenges. Yay us for continuing!

    • haha wow…thanks for catching that. I obviously typed John out of habit (“J” name = John because of my dad and brother… fixing now). I definitely believe in us continuing and believe in us being on our own time schedule. I always find myself wanting to procrastinate when someone is telling me what to do, so since this is my own side project I’m just going to make my own rules. 😉

      • I have to say this challenge has made me stop procrastinating a little. It’s nice! I’m actually being productive after the 9-5 job. Not sure how it is… but it is. So I definitely don’t mind.

  2. Yes you two are definitely not the only ones playing catch up. It seems like with everything taking place in my life I never have time to do the things I truly want to, so I am making a real effort to change that starting tonight! I want to clear my emails out, manage my time better, and get my third entry up because thus far I have been having great comments and likes in regards to my first two posts. lol Very encouraging!

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